Warehouse Automation

Improving Efficiency, Speed, Reliability, Accuracy & Costs

Warehouse automation is widely touted as perhaps the most effective way to boost return on investment (ROI) – reducing labour, enhancing accuracy and improving efficiency.

Complete warehouse automation entails automating a variety of elements, from software systems and storage & retrieval methods to pick, pack and despatch operations.

Challenges Driving Warehouse Automation

The increasing complexity of operations and rising labour shortages are perhaps the two biggest challenges affecting logistics operations.

Complexity issues range from the sheer volume of SKUs through to omni-channel retailing which require small order picking and substantial reverse logistics operations to accommodate the rise in returns.

Driven by ecommerce, the ever-changing shape of retail continues to have an impact on the need for logistics fulfilment operations and distribution centres to have small order pick and pack capabilities.

Finding people to work in warehouse operations is not going to get any easier in the foreseeable future. On top of this, ever more stringent health and safety laws regarding matters such as weight lifting limitations on human operators, put pressure on the jobs people can perform in the future

Design A Better Solution

The Experts In Warehouse Automation

At AMH, we take an innovative approach to optimise the storage, preparation and dispatch of goods in your warehouse. From simple conveying systems through to ‘goods to person’ picking and despatch sortation solutions, our goal is to maximise the efficiency of your operation.

Warehouse automation is no longer reserved for the elite of the industry. A key stage is identifying the need for warehouse automation. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Working with your team, we use the latest simulation technology to demonstrate warehouse automation solutions that will help support your choice of warehouse automation.

Box making machines create the right sized boxes on demand

Box making machines create the right sized boxes on demand

This may include integrating with, or even implementing, a warehouse management system (WMS) to improve efficiencies. Throughout the process we are able to demonstrate the potential improvements within the warehouse step by step.

Benefits of automation in a warehouse include:

A Modular Approach To Warehouse Automation

AMH will work with you to provide a modular approach to any warehouse automation project. This methodology works for both new and existing warehouse solutions.

For customers in the fashion apparel industry we offer specific tailored solutions for flat and hanging garments. This ranges from:

Whatever your warehouse automation needs, AMH has the knowledge and experience to work with you to create the solution that will deliver the best returns for your business.

Case Studies

Asda Lymedale DC

“The completed projects have significantly increased our storage and throughput capacity. In addition, we have appointed AMH Material Handling as Asda’s in-house maintenance team at the Lymedale site.”

Trevor Austin, Operations Manager
Asda Lymedale DC

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“AMH came onto site and they interrogated our processes. They got to the bottom of what our issues were and came up with an innovative solution.”

Clipper Logistics
Colin Holland, Project Manager

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System Solutions

Our work is focused on the retail, ecommerce, fashion, 3PLs, dry grocery and automotive suppliers markets.

Whatever your material handling challenges, we have the experience and knowhow to deliver the best solution for your business.