Ecommerce Fulfilment

Handling The Exponential Growth Of Ecommerce

In the ecommerce world, swift and accurate online order fulfilment is vital for success. These days customers expect next day delivery, not excuses.

They just want the correct product, delivered to the right location when they need it. To consistently achieve this and remain profitable, it is vital that your online order fulfilment process is efficient robust, accurate and fast.

Specialist In Ecommerce Fulfilment

AMH Material Handling is a specialist in designing, supplying and installing automated solutions for the material handling and logistics industry. With knowledge across a wide range of industries, our project experience includes the ecommerce, retail, fashion and automotive sectors.

Working closely with our team of expert engineers you will have the peace of mind that you are dealing with professionals who will help you design the best ecommerce fulfilment solution for your business.

Developing an effective order fulfilment solution is not, however, the work of a moment. It takes the organisation of all the people, processes and technology necessary to deliver an online order into your customers’ hands.

Throughout the entire process, there’s a lot that can go wrong causing disillusion amongst customers and loss of profit for your business.

Design A Better Solution

Developing The Right Ecommerce Fulfilment Strategy

There are four basic components of an ecommerce fulfilment process:

  1. Ecommerce store and fulfilment integration
  2. Receiving and inventory management
  3. Order fulfilment
  4. Returns processing
Inline automatic box closing and lidding

Inline automatic box closing and lidding

Ecommerce operations normally have a large number of SKUs that change frequently with the seasonal trends and periods.

Order profiles are often small with irregular peaks in line with customer promotional events.

High volumes of customer returns, an inherent part of any ecommerce operation, increase the demands placed on systems and resources.

Warehouse automation for ecommerce is becoming a necessity to cope with these situations. Our team at AMH will work with you to identify options and solutions to create the right ecommerce fulfilment strategy for your business.

Future-Proofed Solutions From Start-Ups To Multi-Nationals

Ecommerce fulfilment is in a constant state of flux – evolving and growing as the market develops. With the ability to avoid ‘bricks & mortar’ costs, the very nature of ecommerce attracts small start-up businesses right up to multi-nationals.

Conscious of this, at AMH we take a modular approach to any warehouse automation project. This ensures that the solution is designed to suit each individual customer, no matter what stage of development they are at.

Considering your expected future growth in line with forecasts is key to delivering the right solutions. Working in partnership with your team we will ensure that your ecommerce fulfilment system is fit for purpose, reliable and efficient.

Case Studies

Asda Lymedale DC

“The completed projects have significantly increased our storage and throughput capacity. In addition, we have appointed AMH Material Handling as Asda’s in-house maintenance team at the Lymedale site.”

Trevor Austin, Operations Manager
Asda Lymedale DC

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“AMH came onto site and they interrogated our processes. They got to the bottom of what our issues were and came up with an innovative solution.”

Clipper Logistics
Colin Holland, Project Manager

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System Solutions

Our work is focused on the retail, ecommerce, fashion, 3PLs, dry grocery and automotive suppliers markets.

Whatever your material handling challenges, we have the experience and knowhow to deliver the best solution for your business.