The Science Of Moving Products From A To B

For efficient material handling, automation is the name of the game and conveyor systems are at the heart of most solutions.

Whether you’re looking to automate your warehouse or distribution centre processes, or provide a long-term solution to manage your peak operational demands, an initial chat with us will set you on the right path.

Experts In Conveyor Systems

At AMH material handling, your challenges are our forte. Our experienced engineers are here to help you with the design, specification, installation and ongoing service and maintenance of your system. Together we will develop the optimum solution for your operation.

From turnkey material handling systems to ecommerce packing lines – including goods to person picking solutions – we will design and build a unique solution for your business.

Working closely with your team, our engineers will provide all the necessary guidance and advice to create the ultimate solution, dependent on product types, weights, dimensions and throughput requirements.

Design A Better Solution

Conveyor System - Interroll

Starting Afresh Or Integrating Into An Existing System

Conveyor systems can be designed to integrate with existing material handling equipment or we can design and build new schemes from the ground up.

Solutions range from a straightforward one-off conveyor module to a fully automated handling system complete with software and electrical controls.

Overhead conveyors are ideal for garments on hanger solutions

Overhead conveyors are ideal for garments on hanger solutions

Being independent, AMH is not tied to particular suppliers. As a consequence, we offer a wide range of material handling solutions, selecting the right one for the task at hand.

Applying our extensive experience we can utilise the full complement of conveyor types including:

Future-Proofed Energy Efficient Conveyor Systems

To minimise energy costs and carbon footprint, all the conveyor systems we supply can be designed with energy efficient automatic stop/start sensors. Where possible we use ‘RollerDrive’ – the most widely used drive for zero-pressure accumulation (ZPA) conveying. This delivers about a 50 per cent energy saving compared to a centrally driven solution.

Our engineers design flexible modular systems that enable scalability for future growth. Such flexibility in system configurations guarantees accurate and safe handling of your existing and future product mix.

Case Studies

Asda Lymedale DC

“The completed projects have significantly increased our storage and throughput capacity. In addition, we have appointed AMH Material Handling as Asda’s in-house maintenance team at the Lymedale site.”

Trevor Austin, Operations Manager
Asda Lymedale DC

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“AMH came onto site and they interrogated our processes. They got to the bottom of what our issues were and came up with an innovative solution.”

Clipper Logistics
Colin Holland, Project Manager

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System Solutions

Our work is focused on the retail, ecommerce, fashion, 3PLs, dry grocery and automotive suppliers markets.

Whatever your material handling challenges, we have the experience and knowhow to deliver the best solution for your business.