AMH Material Handling & IMechE launch World Class Maintenance course

AMH Material Handling has launched a bespoke World Class Maintenance Course for its employees and customers, in partnership with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). The course has been designed to aid with the on-site maintenance and management of warehouse automation.


After attending one of IMechE’s open courses, Michael Ryan, Managing Director for AMH Material Handling, saw the opportunity to create a training solution specifically tailored for AMH’s environment within the logistics and automation industry. After initial conversations, a partnership started which saw IMechE adapting and delivering a bespoke version of its renowned World Class Maintenance course to AMH’s clients and employees.


AMH’s bespoke World Class Maintenance course covers the maintenance of the complete lifecycle of assets, from purchasing through to maintaining and the eventual disposal. The course intends to reduce costs and extend the life of assets by changing the understanding and approach to maintenance.


The content of the course has been designed to challenge the thought process towards maintenance in order to improve and implement more efficient methods. It is suitable not only for engineers and engineering managers, but also for personnel with basic engineering understanding; additionally, it is extremely beneficial to individuals that handle the management of maintenance on-site.


The five-day course is split into two classroom-based sessions. In-between the classroom time, attendees are asked to complete a project which enables them to put newly learnt skills into practice. On return to the course, the attendees present their projects and work with AMH Material Handling and IMechE to make any necessary improvements or changes to methods.


Mick Armitt, customer service director at AMH Material Handling, comments: “Over the years, the buying process for automation and warehouse assets has changed greatly. There is more to think about than just the price and finding the cheapest solution.


“AMH Material Handling is a specialist in providing maintenance solutions for warehouse automation. During the course, we cover smart ways to carry out maintenance and challenge traditional checklists to ensure companies are handling maintenance most efficiently and cost-effectively.


            “So far we’ve had some great feedback and customers are starting to reap the benefits. After attending the course, one of our largest maintenance customers has implemented its own specialist support service for evaluating site maintenance and asset management processes. This is proving to be extremely beneficial to them – especially when ensuring its multiple sites are run to the same standard. We are looking forward to rolling out the World Class Maintenance course to more of our customers in the near future.”