AMH Material Handling and Geek+ offer advanced warehouse automation

Over the last few years, the trend for advanced automation to make processes run smoother and faster has seen continuous growth. From manufacturing through to food processing and ecommerce, many industries now utilise automation.

One specific industry that has seen rapid growth in the use of automation is the materials handling and logistics sector. Automation has become an essential part of the supply chain operation. Warehouses are increasingly appreciating and relying on the benefits of automation which include accuracy, speed and increased throughput for meeting short time frame demands.

AMH Material Handling is a specialist in designing, installing and maintaining materials handling and warehouse solutions. To meet customer demands and deliver future-proofed solutions, AMH has increasingly been incorporating automation solutions into its systems.

Recognising the benefits and need for advanced automation and robotic solutions in warehouses, AMH has partnered with Geek+ not only as a distributor but also as its maintenance and service provider in the UK.


Advanced warehouse automation solutions with Geek+

Automation has become essential to meet warehousing demands as time frames shorten and ecommerce sites handle larger product ranges. Warehouses are becoming bigger and busier, which means the accuracy and speed of processes have never been more important.

With AMH’s extensive knowledge of automated solutions and understanding of end-to-end solutions, the partnership with Geek+ is a great fit for supply chain customers. It enables AMH to provide complex storage and retrieval systems to a wide range of customers.

Modern robotic solutions are much more affordable than traditional cranes, multi-shuttles and autostores. This makes both the technology and return on investment more accessible than ever.


Robotic automation designed for goods to person

The Geek+ product range is both quick and simple to implement into an existing warehouse. A project can be turned around within an operating facility with minimal disruption. The robotic solutions developed by Geek+ are designed for goods to person solutions. They reduce the reliance on pick walks, trolleys and other equipment including battery-operated voice picking devices and tablets.


The Geek+ product range – fast, safe and secure

AMH Material Handling is proud to be able to offer the Geek+ product range to customers. Compared to competitors, Geek+ robots run extremely smoothly whilst maintaining fast automation speeds. Product is held securely and doesn’t become dislodged or experience any adverse movement during transit. This makes the range ideal for the safe handling and storage of even delicate items at fast speeds.

The benefit of having robotic automation is that there is no single point of failure as each automation robot is an individual module and not a complete system. As a result, they can adapt and continue to run with a reduction in robots thus avoiding a complete outage.

The Geek+ automation products cover a wide range of warehouse activities including:





The solutions that Geek+ provide are relatively low maintenance for easy operation and AMH Material Handling is well equipped to deal with all possible scenarios. It can advise customers on preventative maintenance plans, regular servicing and 24/7 assistance both on-site and remotely.


Designing the best bespoke automation solutions for supply chains

The AMH Material Handling team is experienced in designing and producing unique materials handling and automation solutions for ecommerce supply chains. AMH considers it vital to take the time to visit the site and speak to your key personnel to get an in-depth understanding of your company and its operation.

This groundwork allows AMH to gather essential information including SKU range, average order size, number of processing channels and the type of packaging or containers used.

This data is essential to ensure that AMH is fully equipped to design an automation solution which will not only meet your average day to day needs, but also expand to cope with peak periods.

If you are looking to automate or upgrade your current warehouse processes with Geek+ robotic technology, contact AMH Material Handling on 0121 550 4342 or email to discuss how to improve processes within your warehouse facility.