AMH Material Handling Engineer produces PPE for key workers

AMH Material Handling is a specialist in providing material handling and automation solutions for a variety of industries including ecommerce, fashion and 3PLs. Experienced in innovation, an AMH employee has been supporting efforts to provide key workers with PPE by 3D printing frames for face shields as well as ear savers.

Mark Lee, lead engineer at AMH Material Handling heard that PPE parts were being made for key workers using 3D printers to assist with the shortage of equipment. After getting in touch with a local group who were printing PPE parts and donating them to local hospitals, Mark began to assist the group with producing frames. On his days off work, Mark was able to produce 50 of the 3D printed face shield frames for local hospitals in just one week.

As well as face shields, local hospital staff and key workers were also in need of ear savers. These specially shaped pieces of plastic sit at the back of the head and the face mask elastic is hooked into either side. This takes the pressure off the wearer’s ears which become sore with using a disposable mask all day. To help staff working on the frontline, Mark is now also printing and donating ear savers.

Michael Ryan, managing director at AMH Material Handling comments: “The AMH team is very glad to be supporting Mark’s efforts with 3D printing PPE face shield frames and ear savers. I am very proud of his work in assisting NHS and key workers at a time where it’s extremely important for us all to come together and help where we can during the pandemic.”