Bespoke Maintenance and Servicing For Your Needs from AMH Material Handling

AMH Material Handling is an automation and material handling specialist, designing and building innovative solutions for all types of industries including e-commerce, fashion and automotive. However, whilst AMH has built up a strong reputation in designing, manufacturing and installing automation systems, it was the maintenance and servicing side of the business which initially laid the foundations for the company’s high-level position within the material handling and logistics industry.


The Importance of Maintenance and Servicing

Within the material handling industry, it has been widely seen that the majority of businesses see a significant drop in the effectiveness of their equipment when routine maintenance and servicing is not completed. This lack of effectiveness has a direct link to reduced productivity and increased costs as the equipment is more prone to unnecessary downtime and breakdowns due to the absence of maintenance.

When installing equipment on-site, AMH will always assess the customer’s needs and recommend a suitable bespoke servicing package which will ensure the equipment continuously runs to its full capacity and life span potential.


Bespoke Maintenance and Servicing Packages

All of AMH Material Handling’s maintenance and servicing packages are tailored to each individual customer and their unique business processes. Every business has its own specialised needs; it is important, therefore, to have a bespoke maintenance and service plan which addresses its unique compliance and business continuity requirements. Furthermore, no two sites have the same equipment or processes and AMH understands this when assessing each company’s needs.

The maintenance and servicing AMH provides is always of a significant level to ensure that the equipment can maintain its core function. The frequency and duration of visits can be established using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) recommendations and utilization data channelled into a risk-based analysis process to provide an effective maintenance solution

Depending on the customer and the industry they are in, there may be a requirement for more predictive evaluation using thermal, oil and vibration analysis tools. The development of Industry 4.0 means there is more data becoming readily available at realistic costs. AMH has invested in the latest technology to aid with developing an effective predictive maintenance and servicing schedule to avoid any downtime.

In terms of contract length, there is never a one size fits all package that can be offered for maintenance and support as the automation industry is vast and equipment changes frequently. Therefore every package is tailored to suit each customers’ unique needs and contract lengths will be in line with those needs to offer the most cost-effective and consistent maintenance and service offering.


Third-Party Equipment Maintenance and Servicing

The engineers at AMH Material Handling have a large knowledge base and extensive experience with systems from most suppliers in the material handling and logistics industry. This enables the team to be well equipped and capable of servicing equipment from a whole host of companies and not just equipment installed by AMH.

The company is frequently asked to maintain third party systems due to its outstanding reputation for rapid response times, reliability and trustworthiness. AMH undertakes these projects ensuring compliance and business continuity whilst maintaining competitive costs.

In recent years, AMH has seen a growth in supplying third-party maintenance and support on-site where customers have come to realise that engineering and maintenance are not their specialism. They choose, therefore, to use a dedicated resource to maintain their equipment and protect their investment. In-house engineering teams do not usually have the broad knowledge and experience of automation systems and can be too focused on the operation to provide a robust service.


Continued Training for New Products

As material handling and automation technology are continually being developed, AMH Material Handling prides itself on keeping up with the latest technological advances. This is essential not only for equipment installed by AMH but also to enable the team to be able to maintain and service equipment purchased from third party suppliers.

In order to keep up with the latest developments and advancements, AMH priorities and develops a comprehensive training scheme for its engineering staff. First-class training and development ensures that the team is always familiar with and aware of market products and has the knowledge to be able to maintain them effectively. In addition to the UK, the AMH team has recently undertaken training in Estonia and China to ensure they are best placed to support customer maintenance and servicing needs.

Furthermore, AMH is continually investing in the technology needed to improve automation and processing for customers. For example, AMH offers the use of Digital Twin Technology. This system produces a virtual warehouse environment, allowing AMH to demonstrate possible improvements, blockages or bottlenecks in the operation and throughput evaluation. This technology enables AMH to advise customers on the decisions to make based on what the future of their operation will look like. This helps ensure a cost-effective solution is provided without having to alter the current operation.


AMH Material Handling – A Dedicated Maintenance and Service Team

AMH Material Handling understands how critical it is to manage and reduce any unnecessary downtime within the demanding world of material handling and logistics. The company builds relationships using a business partner mentality which allows them to get to grips with the core of their customers’ business processes. This is essential in ensuring AMH understands customers’ concerns and provides the best possible bespoke maintenance and servicing solution.

From the initial enquiry through to providing a proposal, AMH focuses on its ability to provide fast response times to keep your system running 24/7. If you would like to discuss bespoke maintenance and servicing solutions with AMH Material Handling, please contact Mick Armitt on 0121 550 4342 or email